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Yoga classes in Glasgow Southside


Welcome to Yoga Inspiration, yoga in the South of Glasgow.

Yoga Inspiration provides yoga classes in Glasgow South, in Shawlands and Giffnock. Check the timetable to find a yoga class suitable for you. The style of yoga I teach and practise is Iyengar Yoga. For an independent view on Iyengar Yoga check out Iyengar Yoga on wikipedia

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The health benefits of yoga

on the mind and body have been recognised for centuries. Iyengar Yoga works the whole human system, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, the internal organs and the respiratory, glandular and nervous systems. In short, Iyengar Yoga keeps the body young, strong and supple, helps purify and detoxify the internal organs and calms the nervous system and the mind. This is achieved through the physical yoga postures (yoga asanas) yogic breathing (pranayama) and meditation.



Iyengar Yoga

is one of the most respected and well known types of yoga in the world. There are almost 1000 Iyengar Yoga teachers in the U.K. alone. The Iyengar system has spread from Pune, India, around the world. Iyengar Yoga teachers have to complete at least 2 years of rigorous training, as well as having practiced Iyengar Yoga regularly for at least 5 years with a qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher and pass tightly regulated exams before they can teach members of the public. They also have to participate in regular Professional Development training, run by the I.Y.A. (U.K.) to keep their teaching practice up to date with new techniques.


The benefits of yoga at a glance

  • increased strength
  • improved flexibility in muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons
  • increased energy
  • improved mental and physical awareness
  • relaxation - de-stress
  • improved emotional state - healthy central nervous system and a calm mind
  • physical awareness - an understanding of how your body works and how to keep it healthy
  • increased longevity and quality of life
  • heal injuries
  • improved posture
  • feel good factor
  • improved physical, mental and emotional health
  • can help reduce or cure backpain
  • can help treat insomnia


Click for a more in depth explanation about the benefits of yoga click here. For a more in depth explanation about Iyengar Yoga click here. To visit the official B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga website site click here. To visit the official British Iyengar Yoga Association ,I.Y.A. (UK), click here.


For a full list of yoga classes in Glasgow click here. To book a place in one of Yoga Inspiration Glasgow classes email Maurice or phone Maurice on 07950 010 783. General enquiries welcome.

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